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Mission Statement for the "One Health" Platform

Globalization of passenger traffic as well as merchandise traffic, migration, population growth and climatic changes lead to an increased incidence of infectious diseases and facilitate their global spread. Moreover, complex interactions between humans, animals and the environment influence the epidemiology of infections. To meet these new challenges as efficiently as possible, a close cooperation between experts in animal, human and environmental medicine is necessary. The „One Health“ platform shall enable a continuous exchange of information and an improved cooperation on the topic „One Health“ between interested institutions.

The following bullet points show the main tasks and objectives of this joint initiative:

  1. Definition of scopes of duties and objectives for cooperation among the bodies involved.
  2. Facilitation of regular exchange of information on "One Health" questions between the participating institutions.
  3. Identification of common topics and utilisation of synergies.
  4. Establishment of a graduate support program for cooperation projects on „One Health“.
  5. Opening of the "One Health" platform for other interested Institutions.
  6. Organization and coordination of national and international activities with other organizations on the subject of "One Health".

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